Equizaum® – the colorful allrounder

Equizaum® – the colorful allrounder

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For optimal results when working on the ground and lunging, it is essential that the cavesson fits perfectly and that the pressure is evenly distributed. That is why we use 19mm Biothane for the Equizaum® and 25mm thick Biothane on the noseband – this ensures the perfect balance of stability and lightness or flexibility. In addition, the Equizaum® is always adjustable on both sides in order to adapt it perfectly to the head of your horse. The Equizaum® can be perfectly adapted and thus adjusted to the physiognomically different horse heads: The cheek straps of the Equizaum® can be moved 4cm up and down with the help of a passage on the noseband. A Velcro fastener fixates the straps in the correct position between the nasal pad and the noseband. In addition, the gaiter strap is height – adjustable. For the sensitive neck area you can order our neck pads, which provide additional pressure relief in the area of the neck strap.

Every Equizaum® base is equipped with all D- and round rings so that you can use your cavesson for other purposes besides working on the lunge:

  • as bovecon (the two additional cavesson D-rings on the side)
  • as a sidepull (the two round rings on the side of the noseband)
  • as a bridle or bitless bridle (the D-rings on the upper part of the cheek piece) in combination with the bit hangers, the switch reins or the bitless bridle strap, which you can buy separately here from us online

Optional accessories: bit hangers, switch reins, or bitless bridle straps. You can get these separately in the shop. All rings and D-rings on our all-rounder Equizaum® are available as standard. If you want more stability in the area of the noseband (e.g. when lunging) you will find two different nasal arches as supplements in the shop.

Here you can find helpful videos on measurement and functionality

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