Equizügel®, size adjustable „Bridle Ring“

Equizügel®, size adjustable „Bridle Ring“

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Our Equizügel® is a Biothane “bridle ring,” adjustable in size with a buckle and slide-able padding. The buckle for size adjustment is embedded in the padding and is, therefore, located under the horse’s neck so that it isn’t in the rider’s way when grasping the reins. The Equizügel can either be used as a second pair of reins similar to double bridle reins, or used individually, similar to a neck ring. The use of the Equizügel leads to better control and reining in of a horse. The rider gets a virtually reins-free riding experience.

An additional D-ring for the fine ground work or Horsemanship is also located on the bottom of the Equizügel® and can be easily combined with our 7m long Federleicht leash, which weighs just 225g.

Function and Use:

The ring-shaped Equizügel can be used as double bridle reins as well. That’s because of the padded piece on the neck. With the Equizügel you have about as much or more contact than you would with snaffle reins. When the reins are secure in your hand, the effect should be as if the pull on the horse is concentrated at the neck and not at its mouth. Take care not to cramp on the reins or hold them rigidly. The length of the Equizügel should be chosen carefully to ensure the rider is able to sit upright rather than bent forward. During the beginners phase it is recommended that you follow these instructions implicitly. With time you can transition to leaving the reins loose at the neck, and eventually even hold them in one hand (with this phase we recommend that you shorten your Equizügel).

Uses and Application Possibilities

For the Horse 

  • Horses react to impulses they feel via sensitive muscles in the chest area, which causes them to rise up at the area between the shoulder blades (wither). Horses that are hard to bring into an upright position, lacking balance and tend to trip, lean on the reins, or run loose get the additional support they need from Equizügel. Equizügel serve to lend that extra balance and coordination to your everyday riding experience.

For the Rider

  • With Equizügel, the rider’s hands have a smaller radius to operate within, inevitably leading to a better awareness of riding form and an improvement in sitting position. This makes it easier for the rider to perceive the importance of the relationship between the two.

Avoid Usage If…

Equizügel should not be used on horses that refuse to go forward. The reins would only further hinder such horses from accomplishing that task. The horse should be used to riding forward before engaging the use of Equizügel in training such as transition work, for example, so you can gain better control of the reins around the neck.

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