Award-Winning Handcrafted Products

Equimero is a small but quality oriented BioThane products manufacturing company founded in February 2015. By working closely with clients and experts alike in the horse-training arena, we’ve developed an array of great products that combine all the talents and know-how of our experienced team. Saskia Rohn, a hippotherapy riding therapist, and Tina Meier, a horse trainer since 2010, know all the requirements needed to make an outstanding piece of riding equipment. The products are all developed in-house and have been awarded multiple prizes.

The material used, Biothane, has a leather-like structure combined with all the advantages of a synthetic fabric. Crafted in Germany, the products are available in more than 20 colors, very durable, super easy to care for, and cause no chafing. All products are individually personalizable, ie: with the name of your four-legged friend, a telephone number, or even a company logo.

Well-known instructors, therapists, and influencers of the domestic and foreign riding sport scene work with products from Equimero®.

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Innovationspreis 2019

All of our one-of-a-kind products are handmade with care to the specifications of each of our customers. The thread used in our products is extremely durable and sewn with a free-arm sewing machine. That means that each piece, a noseband for example, can be preformed anatomically with no need to pre-fit it to the horse.

BioThane consists of polyester webbing that is covered with a layer of TPU. It resembles leather but is considerably more durable and 100% waterproof.

Biothane® has the following properties:

  • Leather-like structure and grip with the advantages of a synthetic material
  • Easy to clean with water or a brush
  • No fading of colors
  • Easy to care for
  • UV light resistent
  • Tear-proof up to 180kg/cm²
  • Very durable even at sites of puncture and binding, ie: seams and belt holes
  • Flexible even in extremely cold temperatures, unlike leather which hardens
  • Prevents chafing
  • Mold-proof and moisture resistant
  • Capable of becoming disinfected regularly if needed


Nur vom 9. bis 15. März: 178,00 € 149,00 €

Parallel zu den Auftritten von Dr. Vivian Gabor (Dipl. Biologin, M.Sc. Pferdewissenschaften und Trainer B Leistungssport Reiten) auf der Weltpferdemesse Equitana
bieten wir dieses einmalige Kombipaket aus Taomero® und Seil in Sonderfarbe “Vivian” an.
Bereits auf der letztjährigen Equitana hat diese Farbe für Aufsehen gesorgt!
Das Taomero® ist das perfekte Trainingshalfter für die Arbeit am Boden, kann aber auch zum reiten mit oder ohne Gebiss verwendet werden.
Das Bodenarbeitsseil kannst du entweder direkt mit der Dornschnalle in den Halfterring schnallen oder den mit gelieferten Bolzenkarabiner nutzen.