Taomero®: halter for ground work – Configurator

Taomero®: halter for ground work – Configurator

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Voilá: Here is our training halter Taomero®!
Biothane gives our supple, light (300 g) Taomero® the perfect stability. The buckles are great for adjusting the size and the lobster clasp makes the Taomero® super easy to take on and off. Thanks to the moving lead rope ring under the chin, this training halter (that can also be used as a sidepull for bitless riding) stays very still and does not slide into the eye of the horse! If you order our neck pads directly with your Taomero®, you can also get D-rings on the cheek straps to attach bit hangers for riding with a bit! Ten different sizes can be combined and there are more than 40 biothane and rope colors to choose from. We manufacture the Taomero® and all of our products by hand in Germany. Renowned instructors, trainers and therapists are just as much a part of our customer base as riders from all disciplines.

Good things to know about the ropes we use for the Taomero® and our double lunge: Our rope dries quickly and doesn’t get dirty too quickly. The rope has a low stretch and is easy to knot, so this rope is perfect for the Taomero®. The ropes we use have (OEKO-TEX) certification, which confirms that the rope is non-toxic and safe for humans and animals! All of our products made with this rope can be washed in the washing machine at 30° (please do not use fabric softener or put the product in the dryer).

“Young and inexperienced horses, horses breaking loose, rearing horses … I mostly deal with those types of horses in my daily work. So that’s why Tina, Saskia and I sat down one day and started thinking about how we could combine the advantages of a rope halter with the advantages of Biothane. It was important to me that the halter had a free -running lead rope ring so that it wouldn’t slide around or move on the horse’s head, or get into the eye of the horse. We also wanted a halter that did not need knots to keep its shape. In addition, the sidepull function is perfect because then you c an practice lateral flexion without the risk of the horse warping his head. It also allows us to use the halter not only for training from the ground, but also for riding. Perfect, I love it!”

– Your Sebastian Nolewajka – Tao to Horses

✔ How to find the right size

    Our neck pads are a two-part neck padding that relieves pressure in the sensitive neck areaof your horse (INSTEAD of the normal neck BAND). A browband can also be attached withclick button adapters

    Note: Neck pads are not displayed in the configurator.

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Parallel zu den Auftritten von Dr. Vivian Gabor (Dipl. Biologin, M.Sc. Pferdewissenschaften und Trainer B Leistungssport Reiten) auf der Weltpferdemesse Equitana
bieten wir dieses einmalige Kombipaket aus Taomero® und Seil in Sonderfarbe “Vivian” an.
Bereits auf der letztjährigen Equitana hat diese Farbe für Aufsehen gesorgt!
Das Taomero® ist das perfekte Trainingshalfter für die Arbeit am Boden, kann aber auch zum reiten mit oder ohne Gebiss verwendet werden.
Das Bodenarbeitsseil kannst du entweder direkt mit der Dornschnalle in den Halfterring schnallen oder den mit gelieferten Bolzenkarabiner nutzen.