Equitrense® Vario Configurator

Equitrense® Vario Configurator

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The Equitrense® Vario is the right choice if you want to be able to switch between bit and bitless in the easiest, most comfortable way possible. You can use the Equitrense® Vario either as a sidepull, a regular bitted bridle (with the help of biothane bit hangers) or you can combine bit + bitless with our switch reins that can be attached to both the bit and the sidepull rings (bit hangers and dual reins are sold separately). With switch reins, you attach the small snap to the sidepull ring on the nose piece and the big snap directly to the bit. The strap that is attached to the bit is longer and adjustable so that you can decide how much pressure should be applied to the bit vs. the sidepull. Do you want your reins to apply equal pressure on the nose as on the bit?
Or do you want more pressure on the nose and less on the bit?
It’s up to you!

Even if your hands move, the switch reins can help avoid directly disturbing the horse’s mouth. The conversion of the three versions of the Equitrense® Vario is super easy and only takes a few seconds.
Optionally and for a surcharge (+ 5 euros) this Equitrense®® can be equipped with a lead ring (D-ring) on the chin strap.


  • Neck Pads
  • Innovative, horse-friendly soft noseband
  • Sidepull rings
  • D-rings on the cheek pieces for bridle function/bit hangers


  • Lead ring (D-ring) on the chinstrap

How to measure your horse


How to measure your horse


NOTES: Due to the lighting conditions during product photography and different screen settings, the color of the prod
uct may not be reproduced authentically.

Neon colors can rub off!

Attention: The D-rings on the cheek straps allow the bridle to be used as a bitted bridle or
bitless bridle. The add-on parts (bit hangers, switch reins, bitless bridle straps) can be
ordered as separate items in the shop. The advantage: You can buy the add-on parts when you really need them and then of course in the color that you like best.

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The Equitrense® is a horse-friendly bridle with innovative formand function: It has a specialneck strap that leaves the horse’s sensitive neck area completely free thanks to a bridgeconstruction (so-called Neck Pads®). In addition, the new Equitrense® is specially paddedon the nose and cut in such a way that the nerves exiting above the cheekbone are notirritated. The Equitrense® is optionally available as a bitless sidepull, as a bitted bridle orbitted bridle with switch reins (working both as a bitted bridle and a sidepull). Available inseven standard sizes, but also made to measure, lovingly handcrafted in Germany!


  • No pressure on the horse’s neck area thanks to innovative Neck Pads®!
  • Super soft padded nose and chin, large contact surface!
  • Tests have shown that horses with the Equitrense® snort earlier and more often and loosenup significantly faster!
  • The top of the pad is impermeable to water, but the underside is breathable!
  • The innovative cut of the noseband leaves the nerve exit pathways on the horse’s head free!
  • All straps are adjustable on both sides for perfect adjustment!

WHY YOU WILL LOVE Equitrense®:

  • You will notice that your horse is much more relaxed during training
  • You can put together your unique piece individually from more than 25 colors
  • Can be personalized with the name of your horse, brand, logo….
  • Top quality, every Equitrense® is handmade by us in Germany!
Innovationspreis Nord Pferd
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