Equizaum® Black Deluxe

Equizaum® Black Deluxe

The Equizaum Black Deluxe is pure black whereas the Sympanova padding can be colourful. The Equizaum Black Deluxe covers all 7 functions and contains any attachment besides reins.

Padding colors:

Light Blue | Blue | Navy | Mint | Green | Forest Green | Purple | Light Pink | Red | Maroon | Yellow | Grey | Black | Dark Brown | Caramel |Tangerine | Kiwi | Pink | White | Sand | Cranberry



Schriftarten für Equizaum Basic Black Biothane®-Kappzaum

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Configuration as “SIDEPULL”

Additional rings on the side of the nose strap

Configuration as “BITELESS BRIDLE”

Includes a bitless bridle strap for attaching to the rings on the cheek straps and side rings of the nose straps, which also converts the bridle into a sidepull if needed.

Modul „Bovecon“

Kappzaum zum Bovecon umbauen

Rings on the nose straps, closer to the middle of the nose, with an ring on the underside of the nose strap converts it for the function of a bosal if needed.

Configuration as „SNAFFLE

Additional rings on the cheek straps plus suspenders for attaching the bit.

Configuration as “SNAFFLE WITH SWITCH”

Additional rings on the side of the nose straps plus on the cheek straps as well as suspenders for a bit and Switch for the double functions of a sidepull and a snaffle for new riders, colts, or easy conversion for bitless riding.

Additional option: Noseband

Nasenbogen für Kappzaum

Imbedded in soft reliable Sympanova padding, the noseband makes for a plush fit for the Equizaum and a more precise longeing. Of course we don’t use any metal in our nosebands. After a multitude of tests with prototypes out of various materials, we decided on a unique lightweight fiberglass-like texture for flexibility, but with enough guaranteed stability. The material also doesn’t splinter when broken. The noseband –available in two sizes- fits wonderfully on every horse. Your horse can chew on it all it wants, but rest assured the noseband will stay secure in its place.

Customization: How to messure Equizaum® right

Please download following PDF files for perfect messureing and positioning.

* applies to deliveries within Germany. Please refer the button „Shipping Information“ for delivery times of other countries.

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Brass, Silver


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